How did Active Inquiry-Based Learning integrate At Primary School Level Of Global Sevilla?

In Global Sevilla Jakarta, the second learning level comes with a different focus on learning. It is namely active inquiry-based learning. With the base idea to provide a different approach that matches its student’s capability, how does this international school Jakarta Barat implement it? here are some explanation for you

What Is Active Inquiry-Based Learning

For those who don’t know, this particular approach in learning will emphasize the student’s role within the learning process. It almost like students centered approach, where the teacher has the role of a guide or mentor. The student is encouraged to explore, share ideas, and ask questions about the material. Another point is that the student will learn by doing.

The classroom will actively engage the students to join the class. They are not only hearing, reading, and writing. But the students are expected to be more active throughout the process. For the primary school levels, this approach can help the student recall and better understand the material since they can make their connection through the activity.

The Uses Of Two Different Curriculum

This particular international school Jakarta Barat doesn’t want a leeway approach. Thus, active inquiry-based learning is supported by two different curricula. It is Cambridge primary which is focusing on English, Math, and Science. The second curriculum is the International primary curriculum, which focuses on comprehensive, creative, and thematic learning.

Cambridge Primary is typically for early age or kindergarten student age 5, to primary students ages 11. The long-range allows the students to develop their skills and performance throughout exciting educational programs. It is also believed to help deliver the core subject English, math, and science in more creative and expressive ways.

The international primary curriculum or IPC is another curriculum that is more thematic, creative, and comprehensive. It is appropriate for 5 -11 years old students since the structure is flexible, focus on subjects and personal goals. It helps engage students and parents in learning. This international school Jakarta Barat use it to also widen the range of programs for the study.

With the idea to make balanced learning and teaching, the approach is there to help the student become more active in the class. It is helped with the two curricula that Global Sevilla tries to encourage students and increase their knowledge with something fun or engaging. Both of the curricula are very flexible, which means the teacher can bring local examples to make the class work well.


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